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Kennel To Couch Inc

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704 Montravel Ct
Bel Air,  MD 21015
Phone: 720-5605467

Our unique animal rescue organization connects open-hearted dog lovers with individual, at-risk Pit Bulls at shelters throughout the country. Through adoption, training and advocacy we are committed to saving these dogs from being euthanized.
Success Story

When we started Kennel to Couch we partnered with a single shelter to prove our concept. We sponsored our first dog named Ace who the shelters longest resident having been there for a year and a half. Ace had no issues with other animals or children, the shelter just could not understand why he couldnt find a family. Within weeks of our social media campaign Ace found a home. After Ace we started working our way backwards sponsoring the next longest resident and so forth. Within a year we had gotten every long term resident at the shelter adopted and we knew our program worked.

We are now partned with several shelters in multiple states and have a vision to eventually be in all 50 states. With the help of our supporters we will make that happen!

Help Get Dogs Out of Kennels and onto Couches!

We focus on one Pitbull at a time — the most at risk dog in each shelter — creating urgency and putting a single dog’s face and a name to our efforts which is extremely effective. Our goal is removing ALL Pitbulls from their shelters and placing them in loving homes.

Visit our website, donate, and help us expand nationally!