East Bay SPCA

(aka) East Bay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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8323 Baldwin Street
Oakland,  CA 94621-1977
Phone: 510-569-0702

Striving to provide every animal a loving home, we provide education that supports people in our community and their pets. Through humane education, shelter, and veterinary care we stop animal homelessness, overpopulation, and cruelty.

Email: giving@eastbayspca.org
Web Site: www.eastbayspca.org

Success Story

Samantha, a stray German shepherd mix, was just two years old when she came to the East Bay SPCA's Oakland shelter with a fractured pelvis and broken leg that our vets had to amputate. Chances are she'd been hit by a car. After nearly two months of care from staff and two volunteer foster families, Samantha was put up for adoption and snapped up by a loving new family with an active 17-year-old. Because Samantha was so playful, her new owners adopted a second dog to keep her company, and now say "We have three kids: a two legged, a three legged and a four legged, and they are all very rambunctious!"

Shy kitty Zoomba was not so active when she arrived in the shelter and reacted to petting by hissing and switching her tail. East Bay SPCA volunteers and staff worked with her for six months to overcome her behavior issues. Finally, she was adopted by new owners who say she turned out to be a loving, active cat who spent the first six months enjoying her freedom by zooming around their home.

In 2013, the East Bay SPCA doubled the size of its Oakland facility, bringing in more animals like Samantha and Zoomba. The expansion allows us to serve more animals but also increased our operational costs. We use two tons of food each month and four tons of cat litter! Monthly water bills went up more than 71 percent between 2013 and 2014. Electricity averages $12,000 per month, up 25% over last year and we spend nearly $4000 per month on vaccines and medical supplies … and thousands more for special bedding and care for older animals.

Of course, the tender loving care our animals enjoy is free, thanks to generous donors like you.

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