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Pawsitive Alliance

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PO Box 82610
Kenmore,  WA 98028
Phone: 206-486-4PET


We increase adoptions, spay/neuter and pet retention to end pet homelessness in Washington. We have helped 6,180 dogs and cats find loving homes!

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Real Life Story

Our adoption events save dogs and cats, help shelters and change lives.

An adoptive family tells how our adoption event changed their family:

I really want the folks at Pawsitive Alliance to understand how much your hard work has meant to my family.

My second husband and son hadn't been getting along for quite awhile. I prayed a lot and the answer came to get my husband a dog so he could focus on something that would make him happy. He became excited about finding his dog and even more so when he and Travis met at your event. Now my husband and son have bonded over Travis! They have Travis to talk about, Travis to take care of and love; they are working together to care of him.

Recent voicemail messages from my son to my husband asked him about Travis but more importantly both messages ended with a thank you for letting us get Travis and also my son telling my husband he loved him. Pawsitive Alliance and Travis have put my family back on track. I can't thank you enough and I'll always treasure Travis and what a difference he has made in our lives.

Visit to read more happy endings and to find out when our next great animal adoption event is coming up. Also, find out about low cost spay and neuter services as well as our Dog Ownership Basics Workshops.

Thank you for your support to help the homeless adoptable dogs and cats of Washington State.

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