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California Potbellied Pig Association

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PO Box 23955
Pleasant Hill,  CA 94523
Phone: 925-937-9045

Stop the abuse of Potbellied Pigs. These loving companion animals die everyday from cruelty. We provide education to the public and assist in finding new forever homes for these abandoned intelligent loving animals. Help support us and save a pig!

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Success Story

1994 CPPA was contacted by an animal shelter, which had captured a feral young potbellied pig. The pig was sick with mange, pneumonia and intestinal worms. He was also strangely deformed.

CPPA sent volunteers the 100 or so miles to pick him up sight unseen. He was taken to a veterinary hospital where x-rays revealed he had been born with Spina Bifida. CPPA paid to have him neutered and treated for his various ailments and found this very feral young pig a new home. Fifteen years later "Riff", as he is now known, is a very important member of his family. He sleeps next to his owner's bed every night and hangs out in their office or in the backyard sun bathing everyday. He sometimes pals around with the other potbellied pigs, roots around in the garden or bathes in his small pond.

"Riff" is just one of the hundreds of potbellied pigs that CPPA has managed to place in new homes and/or get medical care for over the last decade or so. CPPA has placed potbellied pigs in new homes because of divorce, death, financial problems, animal abuse, zoning rules, etc.

Without donations like yours CPPA would not be able to help homeless potbellied pigs get a new start in life or pay for spays and neuters for potbellied pigs like "Riff".

Thank you for your support of the California Potbellied Pig Association (CPPA)

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