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76 Albert Park Lane
San Rafael,  CA 94901
Phone: 415-453-1000


Urgent care for as many as 4,000 ill, injured and orphaned wild animal patients each year. We provide a wildlife rehabilitation hospital, hotline, education and humane exclusion. Your donation helps us with everything we do.

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Real Life Story

He was a barely noticeable ball of fuzz being tumbled about by heavy traffic on the highway _ it was a miracle he made it out of the road without being hit. I caught up with him a few yards off the road; I couldn?t believe how fast a baby duck could run. I held him in my hands to try to comfort him, to quiet his constant, frantic peeping.

I had never seen a duck so small; his whole body the size of a golf ball. Where had he come from? His mother and her brood were nowhere to be found. He finally relaxed, and curled up in my lap. I remembered my childhood nature hikes with Mrs. Terwilliger _ this was a wild duck. He would only be happy wild and free. That was it; I would take him to WildCare. On the way there ?Lucky? the duck fell asleep.

The people at WildCare could not have been kinder or more helpful. They identified him as a hatchling Mallard, and assured me that he would be well cared for, and when ready, released to the wild. They encouraged me to call back later. I went home, satisfied that my lucky duck was with knowledgeable and caring people who would keep him healthy and wild. I called the next day to check on him; he was fine.

Now, when I see a pair of ducks flying between waterways, I think of him and his mate living their natural life.
--A Rescuer

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