Speranza Animal Rescue Inc

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1216 Brandt Rd
Mechanicsburg,  PA 17055
Phone: 717-609-6020

We rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs that suffer from the most severe cases of abuse and neglect. We provide top-notch veterinary care and accept dogs with behavioral issues that most rescue groups won't consider. We are a 100% volunteer run rescue.

Email: info@speranzarescue.org
Web Site: www.speranzarescue.org

Success Story

Janine, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, was leaving for the day when a State Trooper called: "You have to come - there are dead animals everywhere!" Janine summoned all available volunteers. Some followed her to the site while others stayed at the rescue to prepare.

The site was filled with hundreds of sick animals, some lying on top of others that had already died. Volunteers choked back tears and an urge to vomit as they worked through the night.  If there was any movement at all the animal was put into a car to go to the rescue. As they were unloaded into a prepared holding area there was no sound. No bleats or bahs. All knew that some would die overnight. By the next morning 404 animals had been brought to Speranza. Four times as many farm animals as had existed at the rescue  the day before.  There were tears of joy for every animal that started to improve, and tears of heartache for every one that died in the arms of a volunteer holding onto hope that this one might make it. Strict quarantine procedures had been put into place to prevent the spread of any unknown diseases or parasites to animals that already resided at the rescue.

When news of the rescue spread the community rallied with support for the animals and the volunteers. For the next few months the hours were long. While most of the animals that survived were adopted out, 60 remain at Speranza Animal Rescue. 

The holding area has been restored to its original condition and the volunteers share the memory of what Speranza did as a unified front in saving "The 404". And stand ready, armed with that experience, to do it again should the need ever arise. 

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