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Animals for Awareness

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PO Box 56
Palos Park,  IL 60464
Phone: 708-341-0196


Wildlife frozen to the ground and hit by cars. Exotic pets dumped or trapped in filth and feces by hoarders. Help us help these animals.

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Real Life Story

Imagine a real bobcat living in your apartment! That's what one man fantasized about before purchasing a beautiful little bobcat kitten on the black market. For months he raised it like a domestic kitten, feeding it kitten formula straight out of a baby bottle just like he'd been informed. The kitten, named Anastasia, rapidly grew and started demanding meat, which the owner cautiously provided. Ana growled and protected her food, ripping it apart and gulping it down. As time passed, more and more wild behaviors came out. No longer was she the content kitten that liked her belly rubbed and chin scratched. She became reclusive and would hiss and utter a low growl when the owner approached her. Her potty habits were detestible and his apartment, once beautiful, stunk of urine. The owner's frustration mounted. He didn't know where to turn. He feared getting caught with an illegal animal. He grew to hate Ana and would throw things at her or kick her when she would swat at him. He decided to "get rid of her" by having her pelted by a taxidermist. But Ana had an angel watching over her. It was none other than the taxidermist himself who thought Ana deserved better. He contacted a wildlife reserve who then contacted Animals for Awareness. If we agreed to take Ana, her life would be spared. We didn't hesitate. Donated funds helped us to pay for the shipping to get Ana from across the country to Illinois. She is definitely a cat with an attitude, but she has a loving forever home here with us.

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