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San Francisco,  CA 94102
Phone: 415-265-9371

Police Dogs risk their lives serving our community. We believe they deserve the same protection as their police handler. Your donation provides these law enforcement dogs with the protection of a K-9 Armor vest. Help protect these brave canine heroes!

Email: k9armor@gmail.com
Web Site: www.k9armor.com

Success Story

Thanks to donations we were able to give a K-9 ARMOR vest in 2022 to Campbell Police K9 Koa. In 2023 his partner told me a story with thanks for how much they appreciate and use the vest. A man waving a knife in the middle of traffic, downtown Campbell, was reported as "acting crazy" and when police arrived, he refused to put down the knife. 

So the Police called for their K9 Koa to the rescue. His partner Officer Buckovic had his K9 Armor spikeproof and bulletproof vest on Koa, who showed his teeth but didn't need to bite. As soon as the suspect saw Koa and heard the barking and the Officer's warning to expect meeting those teeth up close, he dropped the knife and went to jail peacefully.

It's a success when the vest is used for it's intended purpose, to protect the police dog with the same protection as the Officer facing the same crazy criminals armed and dangerous, but not more ferocious than our K9 Heroes!

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