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306 E. 59th St.
New York,  NY 10022-2097
Phone: 212-752-4842

Homeless and abused animals long for loving forever homes. These disadvantaged dogs and cats depend on your generosity for survival. Your gift supports HSNY by providing shelter, adoption services, vet care, free spay/neuter and humane education.

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Success Story

The old shepherd mix had a home for all his many years and had been very happy. Then things changed. Gone were the familiar places he had always known; where he lay on the porch; where his bed was at night when he needed to rest. They were no longer there.

John, the man who adopted "Flops" from the Humane Society of New York over eleven years ago, lost the house when he lost his job. And with his health failing, everything had to change.

They had to move, but the new place was very small and there was no yard. Then they lost that place, too. John had no choice but to leave Flops with a friend. He kept hoping his luck would change; that he would be able to afford to get a home where they could live together again. But that didn't happen, and John's friend could no longer keep him.

Flops had been deeply loved all of his life, but as John fell into ill health and financial difficulties, he could not continue to care for his old companion. He called the Society knowing that we would never turn our back on an animal that was adopted from us, they are always welcomed back unconditionally. A friend drove them in from out of state and we let the two say their goodbyes. John visited once, but it was terribly upsetting for both of them. He said that the next time he visits, it will be to take Flops home.

Twelve year old Flops is still waiting for John, who has not been and probably never will be able to return for him.

Since 1904 the Humane Society of New York has been a presence in New York City caring for animals in need when illness, injury or homelessness strikes. For many of New York's neediest residents, HSNY is the only place they will find help.

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