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Cats In Need

(aka) NEADY Cats Corp

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PO Box 213
West Boylston,  MA 01583
Phone: 978-422-5116


Caring for kitties is what we do. Help us find forever homes for hundreds of our lost, abused or abandoned friends.

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Real Life Story

A kind person brought a little gray and white cat to the NEADY Cats shelter. We called her Lily. Lily had been outside fending for herself for several weeks and appeared ready to have a litter of kittens. She was weak and refused to eat or drink. She was brought to our veterinarian, Dr. Moss, and an x-ray of Lily's tummy revealed 7 good sized babies, and a chest filled to capacity with fluid. There was no way for Lily to eat. There just wasn't room! As the hours passed, she was becoming less and less responsive. Lily was slipping away. Lily was immediately transferred to Tufts Veterinary Hospital in Grafton, Massachusetts, where she was diagnosed with heart failure, kidney failure and anemia. Fluid was removed from Lily's chest to help her breathe. A feeding tube was put in place so she could get nourishment into her body. The next morning Lily delivered 1 kitten on her own. At noon, 6 more kittens were delivered by C-section. More fluid was removed from her chest. Four of Lily's kittens failed to thrive and died. After two days in Intensive Care, Lily was stable and transferred back to our veterinary hospital for 3 more weeks of post operative care. Lily returned to the shelter with her three remaining kittens and continued to do well. Her kittens were sweet and very healthy. All three were adopted to adoring families right on schedule. The heart specialist at Tufts felt all of Lily's medical issues were caused by the pregnancy and her health would improve over time. Lily continues to be on heart medicine and is doing well. After all of Lily's health issues, we are pleased to have saved Lily and 3 of her babies. We feel blessed. Miracles really do happen.

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