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Caring for kitties is what we do. Help us find forever loving homes for hundreds of our lost, abused and abandoned cats. We promote spaying and neutering and provide education to the public on feline health care.

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Success Story

A kind person brought a little black cat to the NEADY Cats shelter. 

We called her Daisy Mae. 

Daisy Mae had been outside fending for herself for several weeks and appeared ready to have a litter of kittens any day. She was brought to our veterinarian, Dr. Moss, and an x-ray of Daisy Mae's tummy revealed that she had 6 to 8 babies ready to be born. 

Two days later, Daisy Mae had five babies. Four died at birth. She had one surviving baby. But there must be more babies, according to the prior x-ray. Daisy Mae had another x-ray taken and, sure enough, there was one more baby in Daisy Mae's tummy who, unfortunately, was born dead.

Daisy Mae was left with one surviving baby, who died the next morning.  Poor Daisy Mae. She returned to the shelter. She was full of milk and had no babies. 

Then a little miracle happened. The shelter staff received a phone call about 4 babies in distress who needed a mommy. The babies were brought to the shelter and offered to Daisy Mae.  She loved her new babies. She nuzzled and cuddled them. We were amazed.   

Daisy Mae was mourning the loss of all 6 of her babies, and then suddenly there were 4 babies who needed a mommy.  

This was a tragic story with a very happy ending.  Daisy Mae and her new babies are all doing well. We expect that mom and all her new babies will find loving homes. Miracles really do happen.


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