East Contra Costa County Homeless Animals' Lifeline Organization

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Antioch,  CA 94531
Phone: 925-473-4642

Rescue and pet adoptions to lower euthanasia rates. Education programs to inform general public on pet care. Therapy and READ dog training for community support.

Email: contacthalo@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.eccchalo.org

Success Story

A Girl and Her Dog

The major focus of our activities is on the animals that would otherwise be doomed to destruction. However, some of the best rushes we get are from people whose lives are touched by our animals.

A little girl, Shayanne, has spent many years of her young life with serious medical problems, including congenital hip dysplasia and severely clubbed feet. Little Shayanne was less than a year old when she had to undergo her first surgery.

At the age of six, little Shayanne was in traction for six to eight weeks and in a body cast for four months. While immobilized in her body cast Shayanne told Brenda, her mom, "I want a dog." Shayanne and her mom met Joyce, H.A.L.O.'s Dog Manager, who was so touched that she offered a puppy free-of-charge. A Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix was going to have puppies and Joyce promised Shayanne the pick of the litter.

Shayanne picked out her new puppy and named it Angel.

Shayanne has since taken more than a few steps without her walker. She is being homeschooled, taking swimming lessons, and undergoing physical therapy.

Brenda says that Angel, the dog, has given the child encouragement and confidence. "You have to help take care of the dog," she told Shayanne.

"When I told her that," Brenda said, "Shayanne's eyes lit up." She has a good time taking care of her pet, though sometimes it isn't clear who is taking care of whom.

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