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Friends Of The Animals In The Redwood Empire

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PO Box 2001
Rohnert Park,  CA 94927
Phone: 707-228-0256

Bridging the gap between Mandated animal control and true humane care and placement of abandoned and lost animals.

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Success Story

Recently, Popcorn, a female fox terrier, arrived at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. She was a very sweet little dog, but could not put any weight on one of her legs. When FAIRE had her leg x-rayed, the vet discovered that the femur head in her leg had popped out of its socket and surgery would be needed to correct it. To increase Popcorn's chances of adoption, FAIRE paid for the necessary surgery.

A short time later, a wonderful family visited the shelter looking for a small dog to adopt. They were introduced to Popcorn and instantly fell in love with her! Popcorn is now living happily in Petaluma with her new family. Thanks to all the wonderful people who donate to FAIRE, we can continue to guarantee happy endings like this for other abandoned animals at our local animal shelters.

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