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76 Albert Park Lane
San Rafael,  CA 94901
Phone: 415-453-1000

We are a wildlife hospital and education center. We treat as many as 4,000 injured wild animals and teach nearly 35,000 children and adults each year. We can't heal animals, nature educate the next generation or advocate for wildlife without you.

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Success Story

A baby fawn was brought to the Marin County Parks Ranger by a man who didn’t speak English. The rescuer managed to convey that the tiny fawn, her umbilicus still attached, had been in a dangerous situation and needed help. The Parks Ranger brought her to us, and we found that the fawn had an empty belly, dry mouth, and poor hydration that indicated she hadn’t been fed for a while. Something must have happened to her mother, leaving this spotted fawn an orphan.

WildCare’s first job when we admit a fawn is to determine if the baby actually needs our care. As many of our supporters know, fawns are often “kidnapped” when well-meaning people find them alone. In this case, the baby’s obvious dehydration made diagnosis easy.

The fawn's rescue story has a happy ending. Once stabilized at WildCare, this fawn was transferred to a an offsite special rehab center for fawns where it grew up healthy among other fawnes and was released back into the wild.

Thanks to our suppporters, including those donors who give through the CFC, we have everything we need – skilled staff, medical equipment, and the proper diet and care – to give amazing animals like this orphaned fawn a second chance at life in the wild.                

On behalf of all our patients, staff, and volunteers, thank you for all you do for WildCare.

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