Rescuers Wingman

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PO Box 1241
Ramona,  CA 92065
Phone: 619-977-7203

We are a non-specific animal breed rescue working tirelessly saving abused, neglected & unwanted animals. Providing a sanctuary where they can live their best life. We support other rescue groups & help homeless Veterans with animals care for their pets.

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Success Story

Dinky the Mini Horse

They love Dinky, they just could not take care of her.  We see this a lot with elderly owners. Her life was spent in a small paddock, barely wide enough to turn around, and stuck in her own filth. Her hooves had grown out to the point of impairing her ability to walk, and her legs were covered in open sores. We got her the care she needed and nursed her back to full health. She enjoys the run of the ranch during the day and serves as the unofficial comfort to the other members of our tribe.

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