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3901 Martha Truman Road
Kansas City,  MO 64137
Phone: 816-761-8151

Wayside Waifs,Kansas City's largest no kill pet adoption campus, provides the most comprehensive circl e of care for homeless animals. Animals who arrive abandoned but, thankfully, because of support from the community are given a second chance.

Email: info@waysidewaifs.org
Web Site: www.waysidewaifs.org

Success Story

On April 11, 2008, the detective investigating the animal cruelty case brought Kiefer to Wayside Waifs in an attempt to get the dog far away from his abusers. Kiefer, a one-year-old Setter mix, had been viciously attacked at the hands of humans who beat him in the head repeatedly with a hammer. It is truly amazing that this gentle spirit and precious creature even made it out of the situation alive. Kiefer suffered a severe skull fracture and as a result had to have one of his eyes removed. For over four months, Wayside staff and volunteers nursed Kiefer back to health and prepared him for a new life.

Promise of a forever home came to Kiefer on August 21, 2008. Initially, the Holden family came to Wayside Waifs to adopt a puppy, but after hearing about Kiefer's story and being inspired by his nature they couldn't leave him behind.

Kiefer now enjoys exploring over five acres of freedom, including daily romps in the pond, and playing with his canine buddy, Sydney. After enduring such a traumatic experience early in his life, this well deserving dog finally knows what it is like to be loved.

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