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Phone: 925-349-5190

Our dogs are trained to alert their diabetic partners of changes in blood sugar levels and avoid potentially life threatening low blood sugar events.

Email: cedwards@earlyalertcanine.org
Web Site: www.earlyalertcanines.org

Success Story

Julia and EAC Pasha

"You can’t imagine the peace of mind you have when your daughter’s best friend (and guardian angel) is now also her protector and lifeline," shares EAC client Kathy.

EAC Pasha alerts her partner Julia!

"Pasha was an absolute gift and the biggest silver lining of T1D. When your child has a disease or any type of illness, all you want to do is fix it, however, the only option you have with T1D is to manage it to the best of your abilities. Pasha and EAC were part of the solution in helping us manage this disease," shares Kathy.

With thousands of finger pokes and injections later, Julia became an active straight-A student, a strong softball and soccer player, a junior volunteer at Happy Tails, and the light of my life. These things wouldn’t have been possible without Julia’s lifeline of insulin, Pasha, and EAC. Pasha also became the school and sports mascot but always working and alerting Julia. Everyone loved her but I think I loved her even more because she was my daughter’s guardian angel," said Kathy.

Julia was partnered with EAC Pasha at age 12.
"I owe so much to EAC for blessing us with Pasha, and for that, I’ve become a lifetime donor. I believe in their important, life-saving mission, and will continue paying it forward for the gift of Pasha. While she may no longer be with us, she’ll forever live in our hearts, and for that, I have immense gratitude to EAC," says Kathy.


The mission of Early Alert Canines is to improve the health, safety, and well being of insulin-dependent diabetics through partnerships with certified low blood sugar alert dogs. We train and provide Medical Alert Service Dogs to insulin-dependent diabetics who need them.

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