National Institute of Canine Service and Training

(aka) Dogs for Diabetics

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1647 Willow Pass Road #157
Concord,  CA 94520
Phone: 925-246-5785

D4D has evolved to become the National Institute of Canine Service and Training (NICST)a trailblazer in the field of medical and wellness service dogs - courageously creating life-saving partnerships that inspire, transform, and empower communities.

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Success Story

Rochelle, Our Hero!!

The other night at 1:13AM I was awakened by Rochelle, our service dog. I checked my daughter Kristin's blood sugar and it was 148. She should be safe. I totally trust Rochelle though and I knew something would happen. Many diabetics, my daughter included, receive a continuous supply of insulin from their pump. Considering Rochelle's warning I turn the pump off for 30 minutes, set my alarm to go off in 20 minutes and lay down. Rochelle did not agree with my decision and continued to whine and nudge me. I got up and checked Kristin again. It had been less than 10 minutes and her blood sugar had dropped to 74! I gave Kristin some juice. Rochelle got her "party" with a piece of turkey and lots of kisses. Even with the excitement of the "party" she had her head on Kristin and continued to alert. She was right; Kristin's blood sugar level was still dropping. She was now at 60. I turn the pump off for an hour and gave Kristin more juice. Finally at 2:09 AM, Rochelle let out a big sigh, closed her eyes and went back to sleep. Kristin's blood sugar level was 102 and she was stable. We could all sleep.
---Marianne Schmidt

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